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Vin Gordon

Vincent Gordon

Также известно как: Don 'D' Junior, Don D Junior, Don Junior, Gordon, Gordon, Vin, Mr Gordon, Mr Vin Gordon (Known As) Don Drummond, Trammie, Trammy, V Gordon, V. Gordon, V.Gordon, Van Gordon, Vin "Don D Jr." Gordon, Vin "Don D Junior" Gordon, Vin "Don D" Gordon, Vin "Don Drummond Jnr" Gordon, Vin "Don Drummonds Jr." Gordon, Vin "Trammie" Gordon, Vin "Trommie" Gordon, Vin "Trommy" Gordon, Vin 'Don D Junior' Gordon, Vin 'Don D' Gordon, Vin 'Don D. Jr.' Gordon, Vin 'Don Drummond' - Jnr, Vin 'Trommie' Gordon, Vin 'Trummie' Gordon, Vin (Trommie) Gordon, Vin Gordan, Vin Gorden, Vin Gordon (Alias Tromey), Vin Gordon (Don D. Jnr.), Vin Gordon (Don Drummond Jr.), Vin Gordon (Trommie), Vin Gordon Known As Don Drummond Jr., Vin Trommie Gordon, Vincent "Don D Gordon Jr." Gordon, Vincent "Don D Johnson" Gordon, Vincent "Don D Junior" Gordon, Vincent "Don D. Jnr" Gordon, Vincent "Don D. Jr." Gordon, Vincent "Don D. Junior" Gordon, Vincent "Don D.JR." Gordon, Vincent "Don Drummond Junior" Gordon, Vincent "Trommie" Gordon, Vincent 'Don D Junior' Gordon, Vincent 'Don D. Junior' Gordon, Vincent 'Don Drummond Junior' Gordan, Vincent 'Don Drummond Junior' Gordon, Vincent 'Trammie' Gordon, Vincent 'Trommie' Gordon, Vincent (Don D Junior) Gordon, Vincent (Don D. Junior) Gordon, Vincent (Trommie) Gordon, Vincent Don "Drummond JR." Gordon, Vincent Gordon, Vincent Gordon (Trombone), Vincent Gordon (Trommie), Vincent Trammie Gordon, Viv Gordon, Viw Gordon

Дискография Vin Gordon:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Better Mus' Come 10 3 audio iTunes 2005 M Records
2 Jam #1 2 audio iTunes Ascension Records (5)
3 Liquid Horns / The Liquidator 2 audio iTunes 1979 Attack
4 Walking By / Promises Promises 2 audio iTunes 1969 Crab
5 Roots Of Zion / Lion Of Zion 2 audio iTunes 2010-11-01
6 Who Is Going To Love Me / Who Is Going To Rock Me Tonight 2 audio iTunes K & K Records
7 Grass In The Sun 2 audio iTunes Third World
8 Rain From The Sky / Cloud Buss 2 audio iTunes 1979 Empire Records (19)
9 Vin Cosmic / Enforcement 2 audio iTunes 1979 Third World
10 Freedom Call 2 audio iTunes 1976 C B
11 Today's Melody / Today's Version 2 audio iTunes Original Music
12 Memory Of Don 2 audio iTunes Treasure Isle
13 Argument / Conversation 2 audio iTunes Fight
14 Way Over Yonder 8 audio iTunes 1980 Joe Gibbs Music
15 Harbour View Rock 2 audio iTunes 1976 Rattie Soul
16 Babylon / Red Blood 2 audio iTunes Fab
17 The People's Champion / Dub Ali Dub 2 audio iTunes Parks
18 Movie Swing / Life Is Sweet 2 audio iTunes Shacks
19 Last Tribute To Don D / Parapinto 2 audio iTunes Tennors
20 Ska Fantastic From Rock Steady To Ska 10 audio iTunes Studio 16
21 Mother Nelly / Double Ugly 2 audio iTunes 1974 Brisco
22 Taga Special 2 audio iTunes 1971 Silver Ring
23 Today's Melody 2 audio iTunes 1974 Mighty Cloud
24 Where Is The Love 2 audio iTunes 1981 Alpha Records (16)
25 Memories Of Don De 2 audio iTunes 1977 Jaguar
26 Dark Heart 5 audio iTunes 2013 Room In The Sky
27 In A Situation / Seven Eleven 2 audio iTunes Jay Dee A1 Sound
28 The Games People Play / People In Game 2 audio iTunes Studio 16
29 Music Tree / Mango 13 Dub 4 audio iTunes 2014 Roots Garden
30 Hold Down Miss Winey / Sounds And Soul 2 audio iTunes 1968 Island Records
31 I.M.F. 4 audio iTunes Revolutionary Sounds
32 Love Without Feeling 4 audio iTunes 2014 Merge Records (2)
33 Nah Money Nah Run 4 audio iTunes 2008 Room In The Sky
34 If You're Ready Come Go With Me 2 audio iTunes 1975 Big Shot
35 Way Over Yonder 8 audio iTunes 1980 Joe Gibbs Music
36 Zion Youth 4 audio iTunes Fe-Me Time

b. 4 August 1949 in Kingston, Jamaica Prolific Jamaican trombone player who has backed most of reggae's greats. Joined The Skatalites in 2004.

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