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Lemond Pascal

Andreas B.

Также известно как: DJ Lemond Pascal
Группа в интернете: http://www.lemondpascal.com

Дискография Lemond Pascal:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Movin' Around 2 audio iTunes 2001-12-22 Shah-Records

His career started in spring 1985, while spinning the "wheels of fame" for the first time in a little dance cafe, and rocking the teen crowd. This was in the age of 15, for the next 2 years... After a short break, history continued in the clubs of Heilbronn (BaWue), when even there as LJ. Some time later, he finally was able to show what he had learned from the famous DJ besides his desk. And from now on, for the years to come, he began turnig from a really talented guy to that professional DJ, he is today... His first Locations have been smaller Clubs of southern Germany, until he became Resident in the "Capitol Music Palace" near Wuerzburg. For about 3 years, every Saturday night he gave the pleasure to the people who loved him... Mostly himself, somtimes with well-known DJ colleagues like Melanie di Tria, Alex Lück, Eric SSL, Kai Tracid and many, many more...

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