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Revolution Void

Jonah Dempcy

Группа в интернете: http://www.revolutionvoid.com, http://www.revolutionvoid.tk, http://tribe.revolutionvoid.net, http://members.adelphia.net/~jdempcy/

Дискография Revolution Void:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Viva La Revolucion 4 audio iTunes 2000 Not On Label
2 Increase The Dosage 11 audio iTunes 2005-09-25 Not On Label (Revolution Void Self-released)

Jonah is a 21-year-old jazz pianist and breakbeat producer living in Northern California. Jonah releases electronic breakbeat jazz under the moniker Revolution Void, combining tight breaks with improvisation by modern jazz musicians such as Matthew Garrison, Seamus Blake and Lucas Pickford. The sound of Revolution Void can best be described as heavily influenced by both modern jazz (such as Herbie Hancock) and modern electronic producers (like Chemical Brothers, DJ Cam, DJ Shadow). The songs are sparse and minimal to give room for freer improvisation by the soloist. Although you might call this music "Acid Jazz," it would be in reference to the 1970's Miles Davis variety, not the 1990's smooth-jazz-cum-techno that goes by the same name. Jonah has also worked as a freelance producer on projects for well-known musicians such as Theodore "Lolo" Beaubrun of the Boukman Eksperyanz and David Gonzalez. Additionally, Jonah produced music for 48-speaker multimedia installation for Seattle's Experience Music Project called the Audio Immersion Tunnel. Jonah worked with a team of producers including Michael Shrieve (Santana), Andy Summers (the Police) and the designer of the 48-speaker soundsystem, Allan Howarth (Oscar-winning composer and sound fx man, the film Poltergeist). Jonah was brought in to produce a combination of downtempo, atmospheric breaks and instrumental hiphop for the 48-speaker soundsystem, which then went on to tour the nation, reaching audience of over 1 million. The soundsystem featured completely separate tracks coming through each individual speaker, looping, so that to progress the song you had to walk through a circular tunnel and as you walked towards and away from certain speakers, the song would change. Revolution Void is the moniker for Jonah's forays into electronic breakbeats, and for his releases as a breakbeat producer. Revolution Void has had a number of releases, including self-releases by Jonah on Revolution Void Records and also releases on other labels such as Koyote Records UK and Bikini Wax NYC. In addition to producing, Jonah plays jazz piano and DJ's. He has also taught piano lessons and lessons at Experience Music Project on such topics as Electronic Music Composition, Recording & Production on a PC, DJing/Scratching, Live Electronic Music Performance and more. In addition to teaching classes on his own, Jonah assisted drummer & producer Dave Hill jr. with a number of classes. Jonah continues to produce and release music from his home studio in Northern California.

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