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Klaus Skrudland, Knut Jonas Sellevold

Члены группы Elektrofant: Klaus Skrudland, Knut Jonas Sellevold, Trond Anfinnsen
Группа в интернете: http://beatservice.no/elektrofant.asp

Дискография Elektrofant:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Flipstick EP 6 audio iTunes 2003 Beatservice Records
2 Wørk 10 audio iTunes 2004-03-22 Beatservice Records
3 Sci-Fi Skane Vs Elektrofant EP 4 audio iTunes 2007 Cassette Records
4 Wørk 10 audio iTunes 2004-03-22 Beatservice Records

Elektrofant is the latest addition to the westcoast scene in Norway, from the cities of Sandnes and Stavanger. The first incarnation of the band consisted of Klaus Skrudland and Trond Anfinnsen, obsessed by old analogue equipment, making high energy electro with a touch of humour and a melodic link to the 80's synth pop. Their first ever demo was demo of the month on the Norwegian nation-wide radio channel Petre and Upunkt's Urørt (Untouched) pages, and soon, record companies where battling about their precious signatures. Beatservice Records won this rat race, their debut effort is the six track EP Flipstick. The leading track is the rock-ish electro title track, while the other tracks lean more towards house grooves, but still with an electro touch. Te EP was a huge hit in Norway, and was playlisted tor several months at Petre. Their high energy live-shows (a.o. at the Numusic and Insomnia festivals) have labelled them as “the new Röyksopp”. The Numusic concert was even voted “best live experience 2003” in Stavanger! Trond Anfinnsen left Elektrofant just before they started working on the new album, and new member Knut Jonas Sellevold was headhunted for the new incarnation of Elektrofant. With new ideas and new thoughts, Elektrofant have evolved into more organic forms, there is more guitars, more vocals, more pop-ish, and even hints of r'n'b/hipohop. But all done with the familiar Elektrofant twist, still with the high energy electro-punk attitude from the first EP. (-from Beatservice's website)

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