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Konrad Boehmer

Также известно как: Günter Stiller, K. Boehmer, Konrad Böhmer
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konrad_Boehmer

Дискография Konrad Boehmer:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Electronic Works 3 audio iTunes BV Haast Records
2 In Illo Tempore 9 audio iTunes 1990 BV Haast Records
3 Position - Il Combattimento - Ouroboros 3 audio iTunes 2004 BV Haast Records
4 In Illo Tempore / Je Vis- Je Meurs 3 audio iTunes 1987 pläne
5 New Music By Konrad Boehmer 3 audio iTunes 1979 BV Haast Records
6 Aspekt / Cry Of This Earth / Apocalipsis Cum Figuris 3 audio iTunes BV Haast Records
7 The Piano Works 8 audio iTunes 2001 BV Haast Records
8 Woutertje Pieterse + Song From Afar 16 audio iTunes 1994 BV Haast Records

Konrad Boehmer (born 24 May 1941 in Berlin, Germany; died 4 October 2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands) studied composition with Gottfried Michael Koenig (1959-61) and philosophy, sociology and musicology at the University of Cologne, writing his doctoral thesis on the theory of open form in new music. From 1961-1963 he worked at the electronic music studios of West German Broadcasting Company (WDR) in Köln. In 1966 he moved to the Netherlands and worked until 1968 at the Institute of Sonology at Utrecht University. He then became music editor of the Dutch weekly newspaper Vrij Nederland and in 1972 professor of music at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where since 1994 he has been director of the Institute of Sonology.

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