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Péter Szigeti

Также известно как: Dandy Hungary, Q/Dandy
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/dandydj, http://www.facebook.com/dandyhungary, http://twitter.com/dandyhungary, http://soundcloud.com/dandy-hungary, http://soundcloud.com/dandymixes

Дискография Dandy:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 JustMusic002 10 audio iTunes 2006-00-00 JustMusic.FM

Dandy was born in Hungary, 7 June 1978. He got into music age 14 when he started going out clubbing, dancing and trying to understand the sounds. He started buying records and began mixing. Around 1995 he had his first gig in a little club close to his hometown. He then got the chance to DJ in one of the biggest clubs in Hungary called [b]Flort[/b] and eventually landed a residency, and in 2006 became the exclusive resident DJ. He played in many other clubs and events in Hungary and abroad, well-known for his warm-up sets, for the likes of [a=Hernán Cattáneo], [a=Sasha], [a=James Zabiela], [a=DJ Tiësto], [a=Nick Warren], [a=Sander Kleinenberg] and other international DJs. His own style is deep and progressive house music, trying to keep variety from one set to another. He's worked for different radio stations as a presenter/editor. In 2005, internet radio station, [l=JustMusic.Fm] hired him as a main editor. On JustMusic.Fm he plays a 3 hour live show, with his collegue DJ [a=Chriss], called Monitor. In the same year they remixed [a=Quasar] - [r=523940]. In 2005 as well, he founded Truesounds, an events and parties organization company and DJ agency.

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