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Jeremy Malvasia

Jeremy Malvasia

Также известно как: J. Malavasia, J. Malvasia, J. Malvasia (Delirium), J.Malvasia, Jeremy "Delirium" Malvasia, Jeremy 'Delirium' Malvasia, Jeremy (Delirium) Malvasia, Jeremy Delirium Malvasia, Malavasia, Malvasia, Malvasia, J., S. Malvasia
Группа в интернете: http://www.djdelirium.net/

Дискография Jeremy Malvasia:

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American Hardcore & Mainstyle Producer/DJ. This American started his career as a DJ in New York, and started to make house music soon after. Later on, he moved to Florida where he experimented with Miami bass and New York electro-house styles. After that, Jeremy moved back to New York, where he started producing hardcore music. In Europe, his first releases were on the CDs "Mind Candy", volumes 1 & 2. He is also notable for being the first American to release a track on the UK hardcore / drum n bass label Reinforced Records ("Days Of Our Lives"). His breakthrough was on the "Thunderdome 3" CD with the track "The Mind Destroyer" in 1993. He made several hits like "Immortality" (together with Buzz Fuzz), "The Way That We Rocked It" (together with Guitar Rob), "I Was Born Hardcore", and lots more. DJ Delirium still makes hardcore nowadays.

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