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Gel One

Также известно как: Fire-Gelone, Gel, Gel 1, Gel Roc, Gel Rock, Gel Rok, Gel Sinatra, Gelone, Gelroc, Rel Roc
Группа в интернете: http://www.abolanorecords.com

Дискография Gel One:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Laws And Flaws 16 audio iTunes 2005 Abolano Records
2 Life Before Death 15 audio iTunes 2010-09-21 Abolano Records
3 The Void 19 audio iTunes 2010 Abolano Records
4 Beautiful Tragedy 12 audio iTunes 2013 Abolano Records
5 Life Before Death 15 audio iTunes 2010 Abolano Records
6 From The Vault 10 audio iTunes 2014 Abolano Records
7 The Cloaks 11 audio iTunes 2014-04-08 Abolano Records
8 The Cloaks 11 audio iTunes 2014-05-00 Abolano Records
9 The Cloaks "Vinyl Action Pack" 11 audio iTunes 2014-05-00 Abolano Records
10 The Cloaks "CD Action Pack" 11 audio iTunes 2014-05-00 Abolano Records

Southern California native Gel Roc (Pronounced with a hard “G” like graffiti not like George Bush) is a Los Angeles based hip hop artist. Primarily known for his abrasive & witty lyrics along side his EX2 (Endangered Elements) cohorts, as a solo artist he explores the personal aspect of his life and taps into a broader array of topics that relate to his audience. Also, veteran street artist from the Whittier/L.A. based “Life Seen Differently” crue. His roots stem from the old school B-Boy, Graffiti, and Hip Hop culture of the 80’s & 90’s, which is still apparent in his works today. Gel Roc has recorded 4 albums as a member of the legendary underground crew, EX2. In 2006, he released his first solo album titled, “Laws and Flaws” produced entirely by Mascaria. In 2010, Gel Roc and Mascaria reemerged with an avant garde record appropriately named, “The Void”. Aside from his group/solo works he has also appeared on countless independent releases and performed with artists such as legendary emcees KRS1, fellow Mass Men brethren; Awol One and Abstract Rude, Freestyle Fellowship, 2Mex and Xololanxinxo from “Of Mexican Decent”, Orko Elohiem, Existereo and The Shape Shifters, Alien Nation, Massive aka Mass Dog, Daddy Kev, DJ Hive, Deeskee, Psycho Realm, L*Roneous, Global Phlotations, Escape Artists, Ellay Khule and Riddlore of Project Blowed, Tree Dusk Muir, Roach The DJ, Joe Dub, BeatCave Music and many more.

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