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Phoenix 2003

Warner Music, Yanns Pfeifer (Yanou), Manuel Reuter (DJ Manian)

Члены группы Phoenix 2003: Manuel Reuter, Yann Peifer
Группа в интернете: http://www.warnermusic.de

Дискография Phoenix 2003:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Dreamer 3 audio iTunes 2002 Club Culture
2 Dreamer 2 audio iTunes 2002 Club Culture
3 Dreamer 5 audio iTunes 2003-02-03 Club Culture

Phoenix 2003 was a one-hit wonder German Techno studio project that was created and produced by the people who run and manage the label Warner Music Germany. The project was a one time only gig to help promote the label in 2003 by doing a Trance cover of Ozzy Osbourne's old hit "Dreamer". The female vocalist in the song also sang for the Austrian Trance band Beat Checkazz in 2000 and was rediscovered by Warner Music and asked to sing for them. The singer has not given out her name before or done any interviews, but producers from Warner Music and the Beat Checkazz have stated that she is a native of Milano, Italy and is in her personal life outside singing a bartender. Phoenix 2003 was co-produced by the incredible Cascada DJ Team members: Manuel Reuter (DJ Manian) and Yanns Pfeifer (Yanou). The duo also did an incredible remix for the single under Yanns's stage name Yanou and just this year had it used in Phoenix 2003's first and only music video for their song "Dreamer". The project might someday return with a new cover, but it is very unlikely, the project was just a promotion stint and probably will never return again.

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