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Raphael Merriweathers Jr.

Raphael Merriweathers Jr.

Также известно как: Merriweather, R. Meriweathers, R. Merriweathers, R. Merriweathers Jr., R. Meryweathers, Ralph Merriweathers, Raphael Merriweather, Raphael Merriweathers, Raphael Merriweathers Jr, Raphael Merriwheathers Jr., Rapheal Merriweather, Ray Merriweathers Jr.

Дискография Raphael Merriweathers Jr.:

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Raphael Merriweathers began his professional music career at the age of 16. Already a skilled young drummer, he began performing with Top 40 bands and spent ten years splitting his time between touring and working studio sessions. It was during his time as a studio drummer that Raphael discovered electronic drum programming. Finally being fed up with Top 40 gigs, Raphael joined Underground Resistance in 1998. As M.I.A. he released "Schoolcraft Bump" and began performing with Underground Resistance's Chaos band. Raphael now records as Ray 7 and splits his time working on productions for Underground Resistance, session work on Mainor's new electronic soul band Renaissance and his new imprint R.P.D.radio play detroit

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