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Mark Davis (2)

Mark Kevin Davis

Также известно как: Davis, M. Davis, Mark Davis

Дискография Mark Davis (2):

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[b]Soul Producer - Songwriter - Arranger - Pianist - Keyboardist[/b] A recipient of over 30 platinum and gold albums, he has developed a remarkable 35-year reputation. Started at age 14, playing piano in studio sessions and transposing copy work for artists such as [a=Minnie Riperton] and [a=Rotary Connection] for record industry icons, [a=Phil Chess] and [a=Leonard Chess]. Shortly thereafter, began working for [a=Curtis Mayfield] and [a=Calvin Carter], founders of [l=Vee Jay Records]. At the age of 19, he caught the eye of [l=Motown] legend, [a=Berry Gordy] and was personally signed to the label. At Motown, Mark worked under the legendary [a=Norman Whitfield] and established himself as one of Pop Contemporary and R&B's leading record producers creating albums with artists such as [a=Marvin Gaye], [a=Diana Ross], [a=Earth, Wind & Fire], [a=Temptations, The], [a=Smokey Robinson], [a=Stevie Wonder], [a=Lionel Ritchie], and the [a=Jackson 5, The]. After Motown, Davis was hired by Universal Pictures to produce, score, and consult for films like "Animal House," "Car Wash," Richard Pryor's "Bustin' Loose" & "Which Way is Up," as well as Cheech & Chong's - "Next Movie." At the same time, he was hired by Mo Ostin to head up A&R for Warner Brothers Records. There, he consulted on numerous projects for Ostin and Lenny Waronker, producing artists like [a=Natalie Cole], [a=Sly & The Family Stone], and the late [a=George Harrison] of the Beatles for his Dark Horse Record Company. Recently Davis has taken an active role as CEO of Whitsett Hill Films. He oversees the company's key creative relationships with artists like Smokey Robinson, manages the distribution relationship with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and coordinates the company's strategic alliances with Paradigm Talent Agency. He is also in pre-production to remake the 1979 cult classic, "Penitentiary". In addition, he is an Executive Producer of "Spinning Into Butter"

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