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Gair Marking

Также известно как: Dev 79
Группа в интернете: http://www.dev79.com, http://www.zenapolae.com, http://www.sonicterror.net

Дискография Dev79:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 1 2 3 3 audio iTunes 2002-07-23
2 Distinct Stance 6 audio iTunes 2003-06-00 Zenapolæ
3 That Slo Skool Shit 6 audio iTunes 2001-09-00 Seclusiasis Studios
4 Exponential Edge 9 audio iTunes 1999-12-00 Seclusiasis Studios
5 Dubcore Volume 3 2 audio iTunes 2004 Sozialistischer Plattenbau
6 From The Get / Less Than Paper 2 audio iTunes 2005-07-00 Slit Jockey Records
7 Off In A Minute 2 audio iTunes 2011-08-08 Slit Jockey Records
8 Get 2 Know 8 audio iTunes 2011-10-24 Slit Jockey Records
9 Loose Joints And Blunt Objects 6 audio iTunes 2011-12-12 Slit Jockey Records
10 1 2 3 3 audio iTunes 2002

Dev79 is a prominent DJ and live performer in the Philadelphia area. His body of work is deeply rooted with hip hop beats and noise.

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