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12 Angry Men

Benoit Bollini, Jérémie Mondon, Laurent Heinrich, Nicolas Lemercier, Patrick Alavi, Roman Salzger, Tukula Da Silva

Члены группы 12 Angry Men: Ari, Audience, The, Benoit Bollini, Crusz, Jérémie Mondon, Laurent Heinrich, Nicholas, Patrick Alavi, Roman Salzger

Дискография 12 Angry Men:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Weapon 2 audio iTunes 2003 20000st
2 Under My Skin 4 audio iTunes 2003 20000st

12 Angry Men is a collaboration project gathering 12 artists: [a=Laurent Heinrich] AKA [a=Lifelike] [a=Jérémie Mondon] AKA [a=Demon] [a=Nicholas] AKA [a=Heartbreaker] [a=Benoit Bollini] AKA [a=Money Penny Project, The] [a=Ari], [a=Crusz], Tukula Da Silva, [a=Patrick Alavi], [a=Roman Salzger], Jayrocz, Karim, and [a=Audience, The]. Not every artist work on every track but the releases are globally credited to the collaborative project. Please bear this in mind when submitting releases. The main artist should be [b]12 Angry Men[/b] and the members should be added as extra artists.

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