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Norman Whitfield

Norman Jesse Whitfield

Также известно как: "Smokey", Н. Уитфилд, H. Whitfield, J. Whitfield, Jesse Norman Whitfield, M. Whitefield, M. Whitfield, N Whitfield, N, Whitfield, N. Whitfield, N. J. Whitfield, N. Whifield, N. Whitefield, N. Whitfield, N. Whitfield-B. Strong, N. Whitfild, N. Whitifield, N. Whitsield, N. Whittfield, N. Withfield, N.J. Whitfield, N.Whitfield, N.Whitfield,, Norman "Slam" Whitfield, Norman "Slamjam" Whitfield, Norman "The Slam" Whitfield, Norman 'Slam' Whitfield, Norman J Whitefield, Norman J Whitfield, Norman J. Whitfield, Norman J.Whitfield, Norman Jesse Whitefield, Norman Jesse Whitfield, Norman Jessie Whitfield, Norman Whitefield, Norman Whitefield Jr., Norman Whitfeld, Norman Whitfield for May, Norman Whitfield, Jr., Norman Witfield, W. Norman, Whitefeld, Whitefield, Whitefiled, Whitehead, Whitfield, Whitfield (Norman), Whithfield, Whitield, Withfield

Дискография Norman Whitfield:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Car Wash (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 19 audio iTunes 1976
2 Car Wash (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 19 audio iTunes 1976 MCA Records
3 The Songs Of 60 audio iTunes 1976 Jobete Music Co., Inc.
4 Car Wash (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 10 audio iTunes 1977 Kong Mei Record Co., Ltd.

Norman Whitfield (born May 12th, 1940, in Harlem/New York - died September 16th, 2008, in Los Angeles) was an American songwriter and producer, best known for his work with [a=Berry Gordy]'s [l=Motown] label during the 1960s. He is credited as being one of the creators of the Motown Sound, as well as one of the major instrumental figues in the late-60s sub-genre of psychedelic soul. Whitfield left Motown in 1973 and created [l=Whitfield Records], garnering chart success with [a=Rose Royce], who started out as [a=Edwin Starr]'s backing group. He won a Grammy Award in 1976 for his work on the "Car Wash" film soundtrack. He later retired from music in the late '80s. The final months of his life were spent at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, undergoing treatment for diabetes and other ailments.

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