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David Balfe

David Balfe

Также известно как: Balfe, D. Balfe, Dave Balfe, Dave Balse, David Balf

Дискография David Balfe:

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Bassist, keyboardist, producer and label owner from Liverpool (UK) born in 1958. He co-founded [a=Dalek I] in November 1977 with [a=Alan Gill], which he left in 1978 to join [a=Big In Japan] until they split later that year. In 1979 he replaced [a=Paul Simpson (2)] in [a=Teardrop Explodes, The], staying until they disbanded in 1983. In 1978 he founded [l=Zoo Records] together with [a=Bill Drummond], releasing early Liverpool punk and new wave music. Under the name [a=Chameleons, The (2)] Balfe and Drummond produced several artists; they released a single under the name [a=Lori & The Chameleons]. After [a=Teardrop Explodes, The] disbanded in 1983 he set up a second label, [l=Food], which released [a=Blur], among other artists. In 1994 [l=EMI Records (UK)] took complete control over the label. He now works as freelance writer and director.

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