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Также известно как: DJ Djamis

Дискография Djamis:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 I Can't Stop 2 audio iTunes 2003-00-00 Boss
2 Reborn 2 audio iTunes 2004-03-00 Boss

Ever since 1993, Djamis has been working to develop his own label. In 1995 he launched the succesful Blue Records. His early productions were trance and as time passed he created such classics as 'Trance Experiment EP' for the UFK/Music Line Int. label. He also then began to work simultaneously on club dance music, like Anthea 'One More Time' on Universal Music, 20 Fingers 'Sex Machine' on Scorpio Music and Alario 'We All Need Love' on Airplay records. In 1996 he had his first major hit, Sarah 'Lovin’ You', which was licensed in 22 countries worldwide and sold over 500,000 units! His second was a collaboration with NBG (Natural Born Groove) with the massive hit Casino 'Get Funky' Scorpio Music. This was followed by a succession of other collaborations with Dj Lk, Zorn, Anthea, Kandy Wesley, Sweet 7, Hi Speed. And by several sole remixes for 20 fingers, La Bouche and Darude. To this day, Djamis has been involved in over 40 productions. He has recently made the switch back to producing trance, which started his career. 'I Can’t Stop & Re-born' are two of his most recent productions.

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