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Tony Avitia & Billy Kinnamon

Группа в интернете: http://www.sliphop.com

Дискография I-45:

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Fresh from the outer reaches of the planet Slipponia direct to the VFW halls and stadiums of the world, I-45 has toured and performed with a slew of bands that matter: KRS-One, Kid Rock, Linkin Park, Buck-O-Nine, At The Drive In, Phunk Junkeez, Wolfpac, 30footFALL and many others. The Devo of Rap, the Teddy Pendergrass of Punk. They are currently touring the world, knowing that at any moment they could land on your front porch. They leave asses shaking and make drooling, jaw-dropping spectacles of themselves. Their mantra: sick flows, crushing beats, repeat.

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