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Amps For Christ

Также известно как: AFC
Члены группы Amps For Christ: Enid Snarb, Henry Barnes, Joel Connell, Tara Tavi
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/ampsforchrist

Дискография Amps For Christ:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Circuits 19 audio iTunes 1999 Vermiform
2 Amps For Christ / 1-eyed Cyclops 8 audio iTunes 2001 Empty Chairs
3 The People At Large 23 audio iTunes 2004-02-00 5 Rue Christine
4 Every Eleven Seconds 15 audio iTunes 2006-06-06 5 Rue Christine
5 The Beggars Garden 34 audio iTunes 1997 Shrimper
6 Collaboration 4 audio iTunes Garbage Society
7 Two Sides Of California 5 audio iTunes RRRecords
8 Woods / Amps For Christ 9 audio iTunes 2012 Shrimper
9 Circuits 23 audio iTunes 2012
10 Woods / Amps For Christ 9 audio iTunes 2012 Shrimper
11 Plurality Of Worlds / Vorkuta 4 audio iTunes 2013
12 Canyons Cars And Crows 10 audio iTunes 2014-04-15 Shrimper

Amps For Christ (AFC) is about the combinations of many styles of music and sound from hardcore and noise to traditional musics (Folkcore and Musnik). The subjects go from war and run-away corporate capitalism to peace and the love and mercy of God. The warp in the harmonic scale, experimentation with waveforms and "beat-tones" are matters of great intrigue.

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