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Gene Carbonell

Группа в интернете: http://www.genecarbonell.com

Дискография Gene Carbonell:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 The Beat 2 audio iTunes 2003-02-05 Choo Choo Records
2 R U Feeling 2 audio iTunes 2003 Pure Music

Baltimore, Maryland in the USA is famous as the birthplace of legendary baseball player, Babe Ruth. Although, not quite famous for it yet, it is also the birthplace of one of the USA’s fastest growing DJ and production talents, Gene Carbonell. Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, Gene’s early influences of Moby (when he was still “underground”), rave and a local dance radio show, led him to an obsession with Djing, that he couldn’t ignore. Taking to the turntables himself, after avidly following the music he loved, Gene quickly found his feet and by 1995 had secured a residency at one of Atlanta’s busiest clubs, The Chamber. A big step from playing raves in places like Chatanooga, Tennessee, replete with tear gas wielding riot police. A long, hard slog to convert the Nine Inch Nails loving crowd to the sleek progressive house Gene was playing began. In true testament to his skill and ability as a week in/week out resident, by 2000 Gene had a huge following in Atlanta, and was (and still is) bringing some of the finest Djing talent in the world to play alongside him at his (and business partner Howie’s) club night, Seks. He is name checked by the likes of Danny Howells and Saeed and Palash as one of the US’s best DJs. In addition to all of this, 1999 saw Gene begin production work, alongside fellow Dark Driver producer, D.Scott. The first fruits of the their labour, “Re-Vision 2” was signed to Choo Choo and earned them props from Danny Tenaglia, Anthony Pappa and DJ Vibe to name but a few. Now producing solo, and with a handful of successful remixes under his belt, Gene is set to become one of the new breed of producers, showcasing his groovy, sexy but driving sound with his debut single and beyond.

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