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Kenny Lehman

Kenneth D. Lehman

Также известно как: K. Leham, K. Lehman, K. Lehmann, K. Lehmans, K. Lehnan, K.Lehman, Ken Lehman, Kenneth Lehman, Kenny Lenham, Kenny Presents Studio B, Lahman, Lehman, Lehmann, Ray Lehman
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Дискография Kenny Lehman:

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[b]Disco producer - songwriter - arranger - saxophonist[/b] He assembled the disco studio groups [a=Lemon] and [a=Roundtree]. Earlier credits of his session work include the self titled album of [a=Chelsea Beige]. In the peak of disco years he has arranged or produced among others [a=Chic], [a=Rhetta Hughes], [a=Quinella], [a=Gloria Covington], [a=Robin Beck] etc.

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