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Udo Wid

Группа в интернете: http://www.laton.at/artists/udowid.html

Дискография Udo Wid:

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Udo Wid had worked as a bio physician at the Austrian reactor research centre Seibersdorf for eight years before he dedicated himself as dissident of scientific regimentation fully to ELF (i.e. Extreme Low Frequencies). That was 1977. ELF are electromagnetic waves within the frequency range of 0 to 30 Hertz that emerge from atmospheric discharge. They stimulate the earth system (Ionosphere) and spread out world wide. Therefore, this signal includes information about future weather as well as events in the atmosphere. Since there is a partial overlapping of this frequency range with the one of physiolocal events, there are examinations about whether ELF fields could have an influence on the central nervous system. Right from the start, Wid has developed and built his equipment for ELF observation himself as „one man research institute”. With special antennas, receivers and amplifiers he searches for low frequencies. His permanent observatory is situated at 15°18'11'' east, 48°34'39'' north. Since 2001, the research station permanently makes visual and acoustic recordings of ELF. Udo Wid makes the electromagnetic field surrounding us audible. (excerpt of Prototype 2002).

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