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White Rose Transmission

Члены группы White Rose Transmission: Adrian Borland, Carlo Van Putten, Frank Weyzig, Rob Keijzer
Группа в интернете: http://www.last.fm/music/White+Rose+Transmission/, http://www.myspace.com/whiterosetransmission, http://www.facebook.com/whiterosetransmission

Дискография White Rose Transmission:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 White Rose Transmission 13 audio iTunes 1995
2 700 Miles Of Desert 14 audio iTunes 1999 Red Sun Records
3 Bewitched & Bewildered 16 audio iTunes 2006 Pop One Records
4 White Rose Transmission 13 audio iTunes 1995 Strange Ways Records
5 Spiders In The Mind Web 12 audio iTunes 2010-03-08 Echozone
6 Spinning Webs At Night 14 audio iTunes 2011-03-00 Echozone
7 Presence 15 audio iTunes 1999 Merlin

WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION is a project that whenever it will happen it will happen ! (Adrian Borland & Carlo van Putten) a short history… “White Rose Transmission” started in1995 as a collaboration between Carlo van Putten(at that time vocalist of The Convent; now the singer of Dead Guitars) and Adrian Borland(frontman of english 80’s cultband The Sound). WRT did two album releases with the input and help of different collaborating artists such as Marty Wilson Piper (The Church), Mark Burgess (The Chameleons) and Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls)… After the sudden death of co-founder Adrian Borland in 1999, WRT came to a halt until 2006 when Carlo decided to pick up things again and released the songs he wrote together with his friend Rob Keijzer on the third WRT album “Bewitched and Bewilderd”. In 2008,Frank Weyzig(former guitarist of the original “Clan of Xymox” line-up and singer of “Born For Bliss”) stepped in and together, Carlo, Rob and Frank finished the final recordings for the fourth WRT album “Spiders in the Mind Web”. Release date: May 7 – 2010 label: Echozone about the new album “Spiders in the Mind Web”… After the sudden death of Adrian Borland White Rose Transmission seemed to be doomed as being history, but Carlo carried on a few years later with his good friend Rob Keijzer on board. Together they recorded a collection of acoustic idea’s and stripped down these songs to the bare basics, which resulted in the third WRT album ‘Bewitched & Bewildered’ in 2006…… For the next album Rob got in touch with Frank Weyzig, a long time friend and songwriter, known for his work with ‘Clan of Xymox’ and ‘Born for Bliss’. Maybe coincidence, or just faith but Frank was also a huge Adrian Borland fan himself and liked the idea of working together with Rob and Carlo on a follow up album for White Rose Transmission. Already after a first session in Frank’s studio in Amsterdam, they immediately knew that there was some magic going on! Slowly but gradually the project evolved into something really solid. During one of these sessions Frank worked on an old Adrian Borland recording and built a complete new arrangement around Adrian’s original vocal. Talking about magic! The result of this is a mesmerizing version of Adrian’s epic song ‘Foreign land’… From that moment on the complete album was getting shaped automatically, almost as if the project was being guided by an invisible hand…… Spiders in The Mind Web is already being marked by insiders as an intruiging and timeless document. A concept album with no beginning and without an end. White Rose Transmission will keep your ears captured in a translucant and sometimes surreal musical environment, with music influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Jeff Buckley and beyond… So yes, you better buckle up and prepare yourself for a trip into the Mind Web…

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