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Kings Of Feedback

Bill T. Miller

Также известно как: KOF
Группа в интернете: http://billtmiller.com

Дискография Kings Of Feedback:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Kings Of Feedback 9 audio iTunes Immortal Records (2)
2 Open Your Ears 27 audio iTunes 1994 ExtraTerrestrial Records
3 One Helluva Tweek / Pound The Brain 2 audio iTunes Immortal Records (2)
4 Fuck Amerika 3 audio iTunes
5 Rules 22 audio iTunes 1998 ExtraTerrestrial Records
6 Locust / Souls Of No Color 3 audio iTunes 1995 ExtraTerrestrial Records
7 Seven Bladed Wind Breaker 3 audio iTunes Immortal Records (2)
8 I Don't Give A Bleep / Zero Scum 2 audio iTunes 1992-04-00
9 Fuck Amerika 3 audio iTunes 1993 Immortal Records (2)

Industrial blues slack sludge hardcore heavy metal thunder weirdo wacko noise rock project created by Bill T. Miller. His other projects include Out Of Band Experience, Orgy Of Noise, King Of Slack, and Drum Army.

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