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Left Hand Right Hand

Члены группы Left Hand Right Hand: Andrew Brown (2), Charlie Collins, Paul Ackerley, Tim Brown (2)

Дискография Left Hand Right Hand:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Legs Akimbo 11 audio iTunes 1993 Tonus Kozmetica
2 Hum Drum 6 audio iTunes 1992 We Never Sleep
3 In Mufti 12 audio iTunes 1995 Musica Maxima Magnetica
4 Legs Akimbo 11 audio iTunes 1992 Hand To Mouth
5 Humdrum 6 audio iTunes 1990 Tak Tak Tak
6 Humdrum 6 audio iTunes 1990 Tak Tak Tak

Brothers Andrew and Tim Brown first performed as Left Hand Right Hand in 1985 as a percussive offshoot from the free improvisation collective The Colonels. In 1986 The Colonels accepted an invitation by Zahgurim, who were Paul Ackerley and William Vince, to perform together for shows in Sussex, and Budapest. The success of these inspired the four to co-found a new project and the name Left Hand Right Hand was offered. The four piece group subsequently gained recognition across Europe for an energetic combination of live music, projected films and images and collaborations with musicians like Karl Blake and Lol Coxhill. In 1992 the group made their debut tour of the USA, in addition to launching Red Letter Days, a filmic and musical exploration of European folklore, festivals and public manifestations.

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