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John Trubee

Также известно как: John Trube, John Trubee And The Geeks, John Van Zelm Trubee, Trubee

Дискография John Trubee:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Beyond Eternity / Lavender Flesh 18 audio iTunes 1986 Cordelia Records
2 A Blind Man's Penis 3 audio iTunes 1992 Musical Tragedies
3 Blind Man's Penis & Call To A Motel 2 audio iTunes 1984 The Only Label In The World
4 Strange Hippie Sex Carnival 9 audio iTunes 1990-02-01
5 The Communists Are Coming To Kill Us! 26 audio iTunes 1984 Enigma Records (3)
6 John Trubee Interview 3 audio iTunes 2004 Not On Label
7 Letter From Jeepers / The Rain Keeps Falling 2 audio iTunes 1999-08-15 Musical Tragedies
8 Naked Teenage Girls In Outer Space 9 audio iTunes 1985 Restless Records
9 The Last Dwarf Drops His Pants 2 audio iTunes 1985 Space & Time Tapes
10 World Of Lying Pigs 12 audio iTunes 1993
11 A Blind Man's Penis 2 audio iTunes 1983 Space And Time Records
12 Obscure Gold From The Invisible Nigger 10 audio iTunes 1993 Ladd-Frith
13 Peace And Love 2 audio iTunes 1983 Space And Time Records
14 The Communists Are Coming To Kill Us! 26 audio iTunes 2006 Lost In The Grooves
15 The Deserts Of Utah 4 audio iTunes 1984 Space & Time Tapes

Controversial American writer/musician active since the late 70s. Along with his backup band [a=Ugly Janitors Of America] he recorded a number of albums full of prank phone calls, poetry and noisy improvisation pieces. He's best known for song-poem called "A Blind Man's Penis" which was featured on many compilations and made him a minor celebrity.

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