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No Assembly Required

Члены группы No Assembly Required: Dan Anderegg, Justin Long

Дискография No Assembly Required:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Uptown Stomp EP 2 audio iTunes 2003-06-09 G-Swing
2 Whiskey Sour EP 2 audio iTunes 2003-07-28 Peaches Music
3 Corner Pocket EP 3 audio iTunes 2004-02-06 Aroma
4 Belmont & Clark EP 3 audio iTunes 2004-03-08 Doubledown Recordings
5 Build Your Own EP 4 audio iTunes 2004-09-20 Nono Records (2)
6 Build Your Own EP 4 audio iTunes 2004-09-20 Nono Records (2)

The No Assembly Firm has quickly surfaced as one of the premier duos in the house music industry. Dan X and Justin Long joined forces in 2002 and have since accomplished original and remix work for a list of highly acclaimed record labels, including projects for Cajual, Music For Freaks, Aroma, No No Tracks, Robsoul, Doubledown, Select Recordings and many more. Since it’s conception, No Assembly Firm has produced and remixed nearly two dozen projects including recent remix work for Cajmere and the Freaks. Aside from their vinyl releases, the duo has licensed their work to various mix compilations for fellow heavy hitters, such as Mark Farina, Johnny Fiasco, Heather and Miles Meada, Diz, East Coast Boogiemen and Lance DeSardi. In addition to long hours in the studio, Justin & Dan maintain a busy performance schedule. Once a month, Justin hosts .Dotbleep at Smartbar, while Dan hosts a new monthly event called “Bass Heavy” at B-Side. On top of their Midwest residencies, Dan and Justin make regular appearances in Chicago, Leeds, Brussels, Manchester, Kansas City, Auckland, Melbourne, Glasgow, Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and D.C. to name a few. These performances have captured a cult following and can be heard on their new radio show entitled “The Assembly Line” which is broadcasted worldwide on “The Move” on XM radio. In the midst of their travels, the No Assembly Firm is currently working on their debut album for .Dotbleep Recordings. The album will feature the many different shades of the No Assembly sound in addition to collaboration work and guest vocal appearances from Heather, Honey Dijon, Traxx and many more. The album will be available in Fall/Winter of 2005. Aside from the creative and performance aspects of house music, both Dan and Justin each take part in running a record label. Dan works with house diva Honey Dijon to run Peaches Music, while Justin has joined forces with 20:20 vision to launch his new .Dotbleep Recordings imprint. It’s no shock that the No Assembly Firm has become a staple in the Chicago house sound. With immense support from Heather, Paul Woolford, Mark Farina, Yousef, Jon Marsh, Fries & Bridges, Miles Meada, Derrick Carter and Diz, their sound is booming through speakers around the world. As Justin and Dan continue to focus on taking their sound to new levels, one can only expect the best from No Assembly Music….

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