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Creed Taylor

Creed Taylor

Также известно как: C. Taylor, Chud Taylor, Cried Taylor, Greed Taylor, Taylor

Дискография Creed Taylor:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Johnny / Diane 2 audio iTunes 1960 ABC-Paramount

b. May 13, 1929 - Lynchburg, Virginia Jazz producer and the founder of two legendary labels: [l=Impulse!] and [l=CTI Records], as well as CTI's subsidiaries subsidiaries [l=Kudu], [l=Salvation Records (US)] and [l=Three Brothers Records]. He also founded [l=Greene Street Records] and several publishing companies, among them [l=Char-Liz Music, Inc.] and [l=Three Brothers Music]. Creed Taylor has been a huge influence in many producers such as [a=Esmond Edwards], [a=Tommy LiPuma], [a=Dave Grusin], [a=Arnaldo DeSouteiro] and [a=Dave Matthews (3)]. He started his career as a trumpet player influenced by [a=Ernie Royal], and became a record producer when working in the '50s for [l=Bethlehem Records] and, later, [l=ABC-Paramount], for which he recorded a series of albums with [a=Creed Taylor Orchestra, The].

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