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MC Moose

Также известно как: Moose
Группа в интернете: http://umcmanagement.co.uk/artists/mc-moose/, https://www.facebook.com/pages/MC-Moose-Official/121897451216404

Дискография MC Moose:

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One of the UK’s longest standing MC’s Long-time resident MC for Pirate Club. Started career in Blues parties of London as part of sound system back in 80's playing Reggae, Lovers Rock and Rare Groove, soon moved onto Pirate radio stations such as, Time Radio, [a=WLR] and [a=Traffic Jam].Performed alongside the likes of [a=Rap Attack], and [a=Tim Westwood], 1988 was his first live set playing Acid house and Techno , this is where he first picked up the mic. Soon followed by bookings at [a=Stush], [a=Biology], Roast, [a=Jungle Fever], [a=Pirate club], [a=Unit 4], [a=Spread Love], with the likes of [a=Fabio], LTJ Bukem, [a=Mr C], [a=Evil Eddie Richards], and [a=Mark Moore] from [a=S Express] to name a few. Performed at all the biggest and best parties around the World. Today a regular at In Session with Bukem, [a=Fabric], [a=Moondance], [a=Raindance] and [a=Metalheadz] due to his style. Moose has an easy style that’s suits the more musical DJ and with so many fast chat Lyrical MC’s this set’s Moose apart from the rest.

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