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Alex O'Rion

Alexander van Schooneveld

Также известно как: Alex O'Rio, Alex O-Rion, Alex-O-Rion
Группа в интернете: http://www.alexorion.com/, http://myspace.com/alexorion, http://www.twitter.com/djalexorion

Дискография Alex O'Rion:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Substance 2 audio iTunes 2001 World Of Dance
2 A Reflection On People 6 audio iTunes 2007-06-15 Terminal 4
3 Release The Beast 3 audio iTunes 2008-10-16 Terminal 4
4 Like A Box Of Fluffy Ducks 2 audio iTunes 2009-06-01 Terminal 4
5 Gobsmacked / Two Sides To Every Story 4 audio iTunes 2010-10-18 Terminal 4
6 The Bigger Room EP1: Blue Room 4 audio iTunes 2011-01-17 Black Hole Recordings
7 The Bigger Room EP 2: The Green Room 4 audio iTunes 2011-03-21 Black Hole Recordings
8 Who I Am Today 4 audio iTunes 2011-03-07 Black Hole Recordings
9 Jellyfish / Lush 3 audio iTunes 2010-08-09 Terminal 4
10 Stargeezer 2 audio iTunes 2010-03-08 Terminal 4
11 Wunderpants 3 audio iTunes 2009-10-27 Terminal 4
12 The Bigger Room Maximized EP 1 4 audio iTunes 2011-10-10
13 Changing Pace 4 audio iTunes 2011-12-12
14 We Live In The Dark 2 audio iTunes 2012-01-30
15 Satellites & Blueprint EP 4 audio iTunes 2012-09-24
16 Tornado 2 audio iTunes 2012-10-29
17 The Friendly Giant 4 audio iTunes 2012-12-24
18 Sunchaser 3 audio iTunes 2013-03-04
19 Don't Look Back 2 audio iTunes 2013-06-24
20 Show Me The Way 3 audio iTunes 2013-11-04 Magik Muzik
21 Show Me The Way 3 audio iTunes 2013-11-04 405 Recordings
22 Pete's New Friend 3 audio iTunes 2006-08-00 Royal Flush Records
23 Substance 2 audio iTunes 2001 World Of Dance
24 Smile 3 audio iTunes 2014-02-24

Alex O'Rion hails from The Netherlands and is signed to the Terminal-4 label where Richard Durand made his name. Alex has recently spread his wings with guest appearances at numerous leading European nights including Gallery at Ministry Of Sound in London, England, Lush! in Northern Ireland and Euforia Festival in Poland, while also being selected as the official support DJ for Richard Durand on his 'In Search Of Sunrise' tour. Clearly an artist heading for big things, Alex O'Rion joined the star studded Integrity roster of DJ/Producers at the end of 2010 and has plenty of big projects lined up already to make sure 2011 kicks off in a big way, including a full artist solo album due for release on Black Hole in spring, plus a new radio show / Podcast launching called 'The Bigger Room'.

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