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Rob D'Riche

Robert D'Riche

Также известно как: D'Riche, Rob

Дискография Rob D'Riche:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Urban Poison 8 audio iTunes 2003 Urban Poison
2 D'E.P 3 audio iTunes 2000-12-04 Karma Records (2)

English vocalist/producer of Polish and Irish heritage but hailing from Ilford, London. Listing a whole host of influences such as Stevie Wonder, Michael MacDonald and MC Neat, D'Riche is a rarity in the scene of dance music in which he can both sing (as a normal vocalist or an MC) and produce. Also well recognised in the industry for his arrangement skills, D'Riche has worked with a whole host of names, such as [a=Errol Brown], [a=Lisa Scott-Lee] and [a=Moloko].

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