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Benny Green

Benny Green

Также известно как: B. Green, D. Green, Green
Члены группы Benny Green: Jazz Futures Ensemble, The
Группа в интернете: http://www.bennygreenmusic.com/

Дискография Benny Green:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Jazz At The Bistro 15 audio iTunes 2003 Telarc
2 Lineage 12 audio iTunes 1990 Blue Note
3 Kaleidoscope 9 audio iTunes 1997 Blue Note
4 Some Of My Best Friends Are... The Piano Players 11 audio iTunes 1995 Telarc
5 These Are Soulful Days 8 audio iTunes 1999 Blue Note
6 Naturally 9 audio iTunes 2000 Telarc
7 Jazz At The Bistro 15 audio iTunes 2003 Telarc

Born April 4 1963, NYC, New York and raised in Berkeley, CA. Jazz keyboardist, saxophonist, composer and engineer. [b]NOTE![/b] Not to be confused with British liner notes author & saxophonist [a=Benny Green (2)] or US trombonist [a=Bennie Green].

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