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Mark Alsop

Также известно как: Marc Alsop
Группа в интернете: http://www.markalsop.com, http://www.myspace.com/markalsop

Дискография Mark Alsop:

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Since the late 80’s, Australia’s dance party culture has been shaped by the sounds of Mark Alsop. From its humble beginnings to the richness of today’s party and clubbing culture, Mark has remained in the forefront of this dynamic environment. He has shaped the Australian circuit party scene, and wooed patrons at warehouse parties such as Paradise Garage, Bacchanalia, and Sweatbox, as well as such International events as Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras “Sleaze." He was the only DJ to hold residency at the infamous Paradise Garage parties and appeared recurrently at the Internationally acclaimed “Frisky” circuit parties! Over the past eighteen years, he has commanded DJ boxes in many of Australia’s East Coast nightclubs and parties and continues to impress with his style, diversity and adaptability. In addition to his widespread DJ experience, Mark also edits and remixes for many labels including: Hot Tracks, Pride, Zomba, Discotech, Factor 3, Ace DJ remix and Central Station Records. Locally he has been featured on Zomba, Central Station Records, Pride and Colossal recordings. Marks remixing and editing work is initially released in Australia and the United States, and has been subsequently distributed globally. Currently, as well as being a resident DJ at the “ARQ Sydney” nightclub, also continues his longstanding residency at the "New Civic Hotel". This is in addition to his newly appointed position at the "Manacle" club in the heart of Taylor Square.

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