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Dave Wells

The Dave Wells Band

Также известно как: David Howard Wells, David Wells, Wells, Wells, Dave
Группа в интернете: www.davewellslive.com, facebook.com/davewellslive

Дискография Dave Wells:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Carrington Street 5 audio iTunes 2014-02-22 Not On Label

From the dizzy heights of the Great Divide to the very edge of the Eastern Seaboard, the strident guitar and haunting vocals of ‘Carrington Street’.The first EP release from singer songwriter Dave Wells, finds us meandering effortlessly through small rural towns, big cities and out to a vast ocean beyond. Evoking a powerful sense of loss, remorse and foreboding, Dave’s songs draw heavily on influences inspired by some of our early Australian folk rock musicians, harnessing the spirit of a pioneering balladry rarely heard these days. His deliberate use of sparse instrumentation and yearning melody lines cleverly propels the listener into a world of wide open spaces, dust and jacaranda trees. “A violet sun falls from the sky, Another bikie thunders by Feel the southerly crawl over skin, Jacaranda’s praying against the wind I drift on out the door, Mother cries where have you gone As I wonder on, down the street of Carrington” Dave Wells accompanied by his band, will be promoting the EP ‘Carrington Street’ during 2014. Dave will also hit the road during the year touring around the nation and later open the studio doors to create a second EP or Album release.

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