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Jonatan Bäckelie

Также известно как: Ernesto Brounie
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/jonatanbackelie, http://jonatan.blog.com/

Дискография Ernesto:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Try 6 audio iTunes 2004-07-00 Naked Music Recordings
2 Devil's Gotta Run EP 3 audio iTunes 2005-04-04 Exceptional
3 Blame It On Your Melody 4 audio iTunes 2005 Exceptional
4 A New Blues 11 audio iTunes 2005 Exceptional
5 Underlined 4 audio iTunes 2008-12-00 Mantis Recordings
6 Deliver Me Remixed 2 audio iTunes 2010-02-00 Simple Records
7 Sings 13 audio iTunes 2005-05-18 Village Again
8 Changed 5 audio iTunes 2011-05-00 Future Classic
9 Good Time To Pray 4 audio iTunes 2011-09-00 Suol
10 Care 2 audio iTunes 2012-06-00 Silence Music
11 All Over Again 2 audio iTunes 2007-06-04 Exceptional Records Ltd.
12 I Can't Stand It / I Can't Stand It (Version) 4 audio iTunes Mountain Sound

Ernesto is soulful singer and musician Jonathan Bäckelie from Gothenburg/Sweden. He is a part oft the Gothenburg Jazz Hipsters, a collective of various people that has got jazz, soul and electronic sounds at the top of their agenda. Musically Ernesto can be described as a lovely blend of vocal based soul, bossa nova, broken beats, jazz and Latin dipped funkiness! Ernesto sings since his childhood, wrote his first song in age of three. He gained experience in the church choir and touring with his father, who’s a pastor, played and sung together when his daddy was out preaching. In fifth grade he came in contact with the rave culture that changed his life. Soon he was not only writing vocal based tracks but also started to experiment with his synthesizer. In college he discovered jazz. Jazz started to infiltrate his music more and more. Meanwhile he started to make contact with three other guys at his musical college, these fellows where also deep into the electronic music and jazz: Andreas Saag, Christoffer Berg and Paul Lachenardière. College was extremely developing for Jonathan. His girlfriend, Mimi Terris, introduced the Latin American music and its great artists to him, especially Brazil singer Elis Regina. She became the new large musical and vocal role model after the Jazz trumpeter Chet Baker. While many jazz musicians have tried to develop their sound by adding electronic elements, it has been the other way around for Jonathan as he comes from the electronic tradition and has later on started to integrate jazz into his music. His music is currently divided into several projects: Ernesto’s stands for the more jazz integrated stuff, while Pinku Vääty and Jong Tan is electronica – Pinku is of the more happy kind and Jong Tan is modal and soft. Tantan is another project in the instrumental broken beat tradition.

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