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Также известно как: Morgue Mechanism
Члены группы Morgue: Gil O. Santos, Marcelo Manieri, Rene R. S. Menezes

Дискография Morgue:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 The Sweet Apology Of Death 16 audio iTunes 1997
2 The Mind Is A Labyrinth 13 audio iTunes 1994
3 Scatology 13 audio iTunes 1994 New Will Productions
4 Sweet Apology Of Death 16 audio iTunes 1997 Cri Du Chat
5 Live Action At Television Club 9 audio iTunes 1994-05-28

Morgue started its musical activities around 1990 and is nowdays known as Morgue Mechanism. Subtronic Records/CDC Europe released its first CD "The mind is a labyrinth" in Germany. Thru this cd the band has become pretty known inside the alternative circuit of electronic music all over the world, taking part of several EBM/Industrial compilations and many interviews in magazines about this kind of musical genre. They played live in Europe (April 1995) at the Stillbirth Festival in Germany(Bremen) beside Last Delay and Evil Sermon; Crewzine Festival in Slovakia (Bratislava) beside Morbid Fancy, K.I.F.O.T.H. and others. They also has done several live action in São Paulo electro circuit at night clubs like Broadway, Hipodromus, Zoster, Columbia, Quorum's, Front, Television, Caís, Urbania, Armageddom, Sound Factory, etc...

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