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Jonathan Williams

Также известно как: Jonathon Williams

Дискография Jonathan Williams:

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[b]Acid jazz - soul jazz fusion multi-instrumentalist[/b] Hails from Lansing, Michigan Active in the 00's. If there was a Betty Ford for music, Jonathan Williams' friends would have already intervened. He began with classical piano at the age of five, quickly moving through the ranks until he had learned guitar, bass, drums, turntables and most recently melodica. While attending Michigan State University he founded the Jonathan Williams Quartet, a live acid jazz and hip-hop project where he then began to play with future Premier Cru members George Katsiris and Ervin Green. "It got all of our feet wet with live performance", opening for acts such as De La Soul, Groove Collective, the Greyboy Allstars and the James Taylor Quartet. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Williams has toured with Sting percussionist Vinx, the southern California hip-hop based Ithaka, and jazz fusion trumpeter Willie Waldman. Williams is now a studio musician jack-of-all-trades where he can be found performing anywhere fron San Deigo to San Francisco when he isn't spinning sets of rave groove 45's around town.

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