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George Katsiris

George Katsiris

Также известно как: G. Katsiris

Дискография George Katsiris:

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Born in Lansing, Michigan on November 28th, 1977, the second child of Greek immigrants. George comes from a musical family. His grandfather on his mother's side was a guitarist. "My first guitar was given to me by a friend when I was 15 years old". He taught himself how to play by picking out Beatles albums. During college, he was introduced to jazz, dub, blues, afrobeat, funk hip/hop and played in a group called JWQ. On August 15th, 2000 George moved to New York City and began producing electronic music as "a necessary consequence of my new urban circumstance." Shortly after Sept. 11th, He founded [l=Premier Cru Music] (1er Cru). Stay tuned for more releases and performances from 1er Cru....

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