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Owen Jay

Owen Jay

Также известно как: Owen J
Группа в интернете: www.battibatti.com

Дискография Owen Jay:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Untitled 3 audio iTunes 1999 Søk
2 Tinnitus 9 audio iTunes 1998-10-00 Sonic Mecca Recordings
3 Escape To ∅∅ 12 audio iTunes 1999-12-00
4 Early Light Ep 4 audio iTunes 2009-06-15 Batti Batti
5 Memories Of You EP. 4 audio iTunes 2010-12-00 Underground Quality
6 Heat Rising 3 audio iTunes 2013-06-00 Minuendo Recordings

Based in Malta Owen Jay has released music on labels Underground Quality, Deep Explorer, Minuendo, Moods & Grooves, Contrast Wax, Housewax and on his own imprint Batti Batti. You can check out his bi-weekly live webcast on www.myhouseyourhouse.net on Mondays at 18.00 GMT. For Bookings please contact: www.moodmentbooking.com

Комментарии о Owen Jay: