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Javier Dokser

Группа в интернете: http://www.dokser.com.ar, http://www.myspace.com/dokser

Дискография D.K.S.:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 017 - D.K.S. 4 audio iTunes 2003-04-00 Luxury Grooves

D.K.S. aka Dokser: Javier Dokser is real name for famous argentinian House producer D.K.S. He is one of the most talented producers to come out from south america. Check Luxury Grooves & www.dokser.com.ar. Reviewers and critics with a penchant for noisy denigration of electronic music often point out the common, collage-like triviality of this genre. Conscious of this fact, Dokser knows that a poorly elaborated mix often sounds unappealing and is not even complex, but merely chaotic. As an omnivorous hunter of styles and an irreverent mocker by nature, he eludes traditional attempts to pigeonhole his ideas. He likes nothing better than putting aside the given heritage and working out his own artistic restlessness. How things work. What gives them their shapes, their brightness, or the sudden clash when they break. Since he remembers, Dokser has explored the methodic mazes of curiosity with a screwdriver. He infringes all sorts of appliances with an intense trespassing drive that is only alarming for people who can only conceive of the manufacturer's original designs. Gullible customers. Instead, Dokser infuses us with the belief that disassembled parts are themselves tools to work with. Like other collectors, he arrays dissimilar objects; unlike them, he does not confine his acquisitions to impervious glass cabinets, but organizes them in new configurations. His music thrives in continuously yet delicately contravening the rules. As time passes, lose traits are rearranged, attenuated or confirmed, in order to convey the certainty of a mood. Or the uncertainty: a wink here, a nudge there, an innuendo of folk references, popular music quotes or unexpected melodies which briefly startle the listener. The experience of acknowledging a tune in the remix, far from kitsch or cinical, is a documentary record of our shared culture. The astonished mind takes part in the flow of music, while the body absorbs it. Communication finds its way, and rocks. On a more personal note, Dokser is happily single. Those who know him think that Time has somewhat changed him. The clever, reckless adolescent has become a clever, reckless young man. However, he now has a goal: to find loonies of his kind, with matching ideas. Irretrievably 'porteño', he still chooses to live in Buenos Aires. He rejects with similar stubborness the illusions of dispair and escapism: he is busy creating. Go ahead, envy him.

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