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32 Troop

Члены группы 32 Troop: DJ Highfly, DJ Tones, Falcon Burns, Gambit (5), Ian Allen (8), Inzaine, Jerome Hill, Justin Swain, MC Whirlwind D, Merlin (27), Mista Bohze, Remark (2)

Дискография 32 Troop:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Papa Malaysia / Old School Soldier 3 audio iTunes 1992 White House Records
2 To The Core 3 audio iTunes 2012 Fat Hop
3 Limited Coloured Vinyl Bundle 13 audio iTunes 2014-07-12 Britcore Rawmance

32 Troop are a rag-tag resistance force, striking a blow deep into the heart of those who would destroy the soul of hip hop. The lineup changes with each release, utilising a host of talented MCs, Musicians and Scratch DJs, with the emphasis on banging Hip Hop music that knows where it's coming from.. No songs about willy size or the Vercaces you buys! ,Beats and Music programmed and produced by Spatts (TCM), Jerome Hill (Itsu Uno) & Merlin (Sublime Wizardry) 32 Troop began life in 1992 as an alias used by The Criminal Minds for some of their hardcore/rave output.

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