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Mason Jones

Группа в интернете: http://www.charnel.com/mason/music_trance.html, http://www.charnel.com/charnel/bands/trance/

Дискография Trance:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Audio Image Assault 2 audio iTunes 1993-10-05 G.R.O.S.S.
2 Live At The Starlight Furniture Company 2 audio iTunes 1992 Charnel Music
3 Contents Under Pressure (Live Recordings 1991-1993) 13 audio iTunes 1994-07-15 Flying Esophagus Productions
4 Notre-Dame De L'Oubli 3 audio iTunes 1993 Fourth Dimension Records
5 Audiography 11 audio iTunes 1993 Staalplaat
6 Emergence Of Buried Truths 14 audio iTunes 1993 OBUH Records
7 Guitar Noise EP 2 audio iTunes 1993 Charnel Music
8 Augury 8 audio iTunes 1995 Charnel Music
9 Automatism 12 audio iTunes 1991 Charnel Music
10 Abyss 22 audio iTunes 1989 Charnel Music
11 Mesmerism 12 audio iTunes 1990 Charnel Music
12 The Beaten Track 11 audio iTunes 1989 Charnel Music
13 Contents Under Pressure 13 audio iTunes 1995 OBUH Records
14 Audiography 11 audio iTunes 1995 OBUH Records
15 Augury 8 audio iTunes 1995 OBUH Records
16 Compiled 15 audio iTunes 2008-07-15 Monochrome Vision
17 Audio Image Assault 2 audio iTunes 2010 Mutter Wild

The earliest musical entity begun by Mason was called Trance. Starting in 1987, recordings under the name Trance were released on a number of small-edition cassettes, followed by CDs and singles. As a live venture, Trance included other participants over the years, including [a=Elden M.], [a=Annabel Lee], [a=Sam Lohmann], and others. Live collaborations under the guise of Trance included shows with [a=Jim O'Rourke], [a=Joe Papa], [a=Evolution Control Committee, The], and many more. The name "Trance" was retired after the word become inextricably intertwined with bad electronic music.

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