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Frankie Sparo

Chad Jones

Также известно как: Sparo
Группа в интернете: http://cstrecords.com/frankiesparo/

Дискография Frankie Sparo:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Welcome Crummy Mystics 9 audio iTunes 2003 Constellation
2 My Red Scare 11 audio iTunes 2001 Constellation
3 Arena Hostile (VPRO Radio Recordings) 4 audio iTunes 2001 Constellation
4 My Red Scare 11 audio iTunes 2000-11-06 Constellation
5 Welcome Crummy Mystics 8 audio iTunes 2003-03-02 Constellation
6 Welcome Crummy Mystics 9 audio iTunes 2003 Constellation

Frankie Sparo was the pseudonym of Chad Jones, a singer/songwriter from Victoria, British Columbia who released two albums and an EP on Constellation Records. After two releases as a solo artist, Jones enlisted Nadia Moss for the recording of his second full-length album, and briefly toured as a full band with her, Jessica Moss and Scott Levine Gilmore. Jones put Sparo on ice in 2004, but returned in March 2007 to play a handful of dates in northern Europe supporting the Handsome Furs, and is listed (along with Nadia and Jessica Moss, and Scott Levine Gilmore) as a performer on Sam Shalabi's new disc, Eid. He currently performs as part of The Witchies with Nadia Moss and Jonah Fortune.

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