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Matthias Bischoff & Rene Raasch

Также известно как: Matthias Bischoff
Члены группы Cyber: Matthias Bischoff, Miriam Borutta, René Raasch

Дискография Cyber:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Kybernetik 8 audio iTunes 1994-12-20 Not On Label (Cyber Self-released)
2 Noise 4 audio iTunes 1991 Energy Rekords

CYBER was founded in 1989 by Matthias Bischoff and Rene Raasch (Hamburg – Germany). CYBER played some gigs in Germany and Switzerland in the early 1990’s. The CYBER Track “Noise” [Electro Revenge Sampler CD] was a small club-hit in the EBM/Synth-Pop Scene.

Комментарии о Cyber: