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Dominik Van Reich & Peter Devin

Также известно как: Yelworc, yelworC ART, Yelwork
Члены группы yelworC: Dominik Van Reich, Peter Devin
Группа в интернете: http://www.yelworc.de, http://www.myspace.com/yelworc, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YelworC

Дискография yelworC:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Brainstorming 13 audio iTunes 1992-12-00 Celtic Circle Productions
2 Blood In Face 5 audio iTunes
3 Collection 1988-94 28 audio iTunes 1995 Celtic Circle Productions
4 Trinity 16 audio iTunes 2004-02-02
5 Trinity 16 audio iTunes 2004-03-09 Metropolis
6 $atanat (Compilation 1987-1990) 11 audio iTunes 1991 Not On Label (yelworC Self-Released)
7 Tanata$ 4 audio iTunes 1991 Danse Macabre
8 Icolation 17 audio iTunes 2007-09-00
9 4. Night Of Darkness 9 audio iTunes 1993 Kopf/Ab Video
10 Brainstorming 13 audio iTunes 1994-04-00 Celtic Circle Productions
11 Unreleased 1988-1994 12 audio iTunes 1994 Not On Label
12 Blood In Face 5 audio iTunes 1993 Celtic Circle Productions
13 $atanat (Compilation 1987-1990) 11 audio iTunes 1991 Not On Label (yelworC Self-Released)
14 Eclosion 10 audio iTunes 2007-07-13 Minuswelt Musikfabrik
15 Icolation 17 audio iTunes 2007-10-19 Minuswelt Musikfabrik

Influential Dark Electro group from Munich, Germany, formed on the night of New Year's Eve 1987/88. After several demotapes, the band released their pathbreaking debut album "Brainstorming" in December 1992. The album was marketed by C.C.P. as a "futuristic and neo-apocalyptic Electro-Dark synthesis". The music press compared it to Placebo Effect's "Galleries of Pain". A first EP called "Blood in Face", which contains the club hit "Soulhunter", was released in October 1993.

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