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Также известно как: EEL
Группа в интернете: http://www009.upp.so-net.ne.jp/eel-filleunique/

Дискография Eel:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 People People 15 audio iTunes 2001-12-20 Records Of The Damned
2 Kung-Fu Master 12 audio iTunes 2001-04-11 Fille Unique Records
3 Love The World Remixes 8 audio iTunes 2012-01-30 Not On Label (Eel Self-released)
4 Out Tracks & Remix For You 6 audio iTunes 2011-01-06 Milch Record
5 EeL Mix ​(​2011 Special Edition) 12 audio iTunes 2011-08-19 Not On Label (Eel Self-released)

EeL is a female artist from Japan. She creates electric punk music composed with a cute, funky, pop sound. In 1999, her first work was released, which is a blend French pop and Bossa nova style. From January 2000, her style evolved to incorporate a combination of "high-speed programmed beats" and "whispering vocal" electropop sounds. This was followed by the release of her three works,[Kung-Fu Master](Apr, 2001),[EeL EarlyWorks](Sep, 2001) and [People People](Dec, 2001). In April 2002, "Milch of Source"(ROMZ record) joined as track maker for the release of her 4th album,[Little Prince], which is a blend of reconstructed Electric & Pop sounds, utilizing a variety of genres like old scool, break-core, funk and reggae. In December 2010, the compilation album,[Kung-Fu People Etcetera], was released. The title includes the best selections of past works from [Kung-Fu Master],[People People], remixes of old songs, as well as brand new songs. In January 2011,[For Common People] was released. This was the first original full album that she had released in five years. *********************************** Collaboration: Plastic girl/capsule (EeL:Guest Vocal) keep making fun of me (music by Hidenobu Ito,lyric by EeL)

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