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Mike Hedges

Также известно как: Hedges, Herbert, M. Hedges, Michael Hedges, Mike Hodges
Группа в интернете: http://www.recordproduction.com/mike-hedges.html

Дискография Mike Hedges:

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Mike Hedges (born 1953 in Nottingham, England) is an English producer, engineer and musician. Mike's career started at Morgan Studios (now known as Battery Studios) and he quickly went on to become a freelancer and then built his own studios in London ([l741333]). He is best known for his work with bands such as [a=Cure, The] and [a=Manic Street Preachers] but he has produced a vast array of artists including [a=U2], [a=Dido], [a=Texas], [a=Travis], [a=Undertones, The], [a80501], [a=Beautiful South, The] and [a=Marc Almond].

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