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Solar Twins

David Norland & Joanna Stevens

Члены группы Solar Twins: David Norland, Joanna Stevens
Группа в интернете: http://www.maverickrc.com/artists/solar_twins/, http://resist.plasticbrainscar.org/ie.html

Дискография Solar Twins:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Alleluias 4 audio iTunes 1999 Maverick
2 Solar Twins 12 audio iTunes 1999-09-21 Maverick
3 Solar Twins 12 audio iTunes 1999 Maverick
4 Rock The Casbah 3 audio iTunes 2000
5 Rock The Casbah 3 audio iTunes 2000

The English duo Solar Twins, Joanna Stevens (vocals; half Burmese) and David Norland (producer/every instrument/vocals; grew up in west London, classically trained), came to Hollywood with only $300 in their pocket and their suitcases. They met each other in London, began dating, and became the Solar Twins - they, as a couple, amiably broke up, and remained together as friends - and a group. In Hollywood, they knew no one and had nowhere to stay; standing on the corner of Sunset and Vine, they called the one number they'd been given, and out of nowhere, a green limo appeared and brought them off to a luxurious penthouse in West Hollywood. They stayed, with their highly-suspicious friend of a friend of a friend, wondering what they would do next. Unlikely as their story seems, after a short series of sold-out shows at Los Angeles' world famous Viper Room (where lines formed around the block), they signed with Guy Oseary at Maverick Recording Co. Their self-titled debut album 'Solar Twins', (released September 1999; produced by David) features a variety of dance tracks. For instance, 'Rock The Casbah', a cover song by The Clash, surprisingly mixes dance beats with punk, to make an unusually well done song. As of May 31, 2001, they were in their studio on Sunshine Blvd., recording tracks for their new album (as of yet untitled). Unfortunately, due to their untimely parting of ways with Maverick, they have no record label to release their CD - which, within the upcoming years, will hopefully change. Sources: Levi's Jeans 'Make Them Your Own' compact disc; RPM Direct's 05/31/01 newsletter.

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