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Gatecrash (2)

S. Thomas, C. Scott, G. Luekong, J. Thomas...

Дискография Gatecrash (2):

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The South London Ragga terror-i-s-t-s (I Stand To Speak), best known as instigators and organisers of the B.R.O.T.H.E.R Movement. Tired of the infighting on the UK rap scene at the time, they decided to set the ball rolling on a project which would promote universal black unity. Hence, the 1989 political rap; Beyond The Sixteenth Parallel was born. All artists royalties were donated to the ANC. Gatecrash were originally born out of the mc partnership of a group called LFPD — Lyrics Formula and Papa D'ses' AKA Tuff head. They joined forces with Gilly Banton their former squadron leader and mic sparring partner on Peckham's Viking Sound system. The partnership quickly grew into a whole collective of artists as new members were incorporated. These included; DJ T, DJ Panic, DJ Fredlocks, MC Hamma, Radical D and Designerwear. The group signed a couple of mediocre deals with Island's Mango and then Jive in the days when A&R men seemed to be signing out of fear, but were never really able to see eye-to-eye. Beyond the sixteenth parallel was their biggest project which was followed up by "Ghettogeddon", the B.R.O.T.H.E.R movements second release on Rebel MC's own label.

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