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Clive Langer

Clive Langer

Также известно как: 'Cliff' Langer, A Clanger Production, C Langer, C. Lange, C. Langer, C.Langer, Clanger, Cliff Hanger, Cliff Langer, Clive Langer And Alan Winstanley, Clive William Langer, Cliver Langer, Langer

Дискография Clive Langer:

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Producer and guitarist from Liverpool (UK) active since the mid-1970s. His career started as guitarist of [a=Deaf School] which he co-founded in 1976 which stopped in 1983 after release three albums. In 1979 he started to work solo with backing band the Boxes. Also in 1979 he started to collaborate with [a=Alan Winstanley] as producer duo with who he's still producing today.

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