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Cosey Fanni Tutti

Christine Carol Newby

Также известно как: C. Fanni Tutti, C. Fanny, C.F. Tutti, Cosey, Cosey F. Tutti, Cosey F.T., Cosey Fanni-Tutti, Cosi, Cosy Fanni Tutti, Fanni Tutti, Fanni-Tutti, Funni Tutti, Tutri, Tutti
Группа в интернете: http://coseyfannitutti.com, http://twitter.com/coseyfannitutti, http://www.flickr.com/photos/coseyfannitutti, http://www.myspace.com/coseyfannitutti

Дискография Cosey Fanni Tutti:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Time To Tell (Special Edition) 3 audio iTunes 1993 Conspiracy International
2 Time To Tell 2000 4 audio iTunes 2000 Conspiracy International
3 Time To Tell 3 audio iTunes 1993
4 Electronic Ambient Remixes 4: Selflessness 4 audio iTunes 2004-08-00 Conspiracy International
5 Time To Tell 4 audio iTunes 2000 Conspiracy International
6 Nicki 5 audio iTunes 1983 AQM
7 Time To Tell 2 audio iTunes 1983 Flowmotion
8 CoH Plays Cosey 9 audio iTunes 2008-03-26 Raster-Noton
9 A Study In Scarlet 4 audio iTunes 1986 Conspiracy International
10 CoH Plays Cosey 9 audio iTunes 2008-10-00 Raster-Noton
11 CoH Plays Cosey 9 audio iTunes 2008-03-26 Raster-Noton
12 Mist While Sleeping / Invisible Whispers 2 audio iTunes 2010-08-00 Dirter Promotions
13 Nicki 6 audio iTunes Conspiracy International
14 Transverse 5 audio iTunes 2012-03-26
15 Transverse 9 audio iTunes 2012-03-26
16 Transverse - CruX 3 audio iTunes 2012-03-26 Mute
17 Transverse 5 audio iTunes 2012-03-00 Mute
18 CruX 3 audio iTunes 2012-03-26 Mute
19 Transverse V2 / V3 Edits 2 audio iTunes 2012-04-21 Mute
20 Time To Tell 3 audio iTunes 2012 Not On Label
21 Transverse 5 audio iTunes 2012-03-00 Mute

Born Christine Newby in Hull, UK on November 4th, 1951, Cosey began her career in the music and art world by forming COUM with Genesis P-Orridge in 1969 and appearing in Art performances and musical improvisations in Hull between 1969-1972. In 1973 she moved to London and continued working in Performance Art going on to represent Britain at the 9th Paris Biennale 1975 and Arte Inglese Oggi 1976. Travelled as performance Artist in Belgium, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Austria, USA and Canada. Throughout this time Cosey was exhibiting her art works, contributing to mail art exhibitions and performing in shows around the world. Often working naked in her performance pieces Cosey went on to investigate nudity in the context of sex magazines, sex films, glamour modelling, striptease etc. Her experiences in this period (1973-1984) were brought into her art work as she explored the many aspects of sex as it is perceived and presented as a commercial product. Her infamous exhibition 'PROSTITUTION' at the ICA, London 1976, confirmed her notions on preconceived perception and response to imagery. Music was used in some of Cosey's performances in preference to language which she considered an obstacle to her visual presentations. In 1976 she co-founded the group Throbbing Gristle with Chris Carter, Peter Christopherson and Genesis P-Orridge. The project completed its mission and was terminated in 1981. In 1982 Cosey and Chris Carter celebrated the birth of their son Nick Newby-Carter and also the beginning of their working partnership as Chris & Cosey and CTI. They toured extensively in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada performing their music in conjunction with video projections. Cosey has always collaborated with many artists. As a fellow artist she brought an empathetic approach when working on films with Anna Ambrose 1980, Steve Dwoskin 1982 and Peter Greenaway in 1984. Her Art performances continued alongside her other activities performing in London, Brighton and Amsterdam in 1985 -1987 after which she immersed herself in creating music and video with partner Chris Carter.

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